Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tribute to A Cyclist: Uncle Larry

Sometimes things wake you up in life, and make you realize what is truly important in life; and how little things we stress about are absolutely not worth stressing about. I've been sick lately, had a hamstring injury, and a few other setbacks. There are days I've been a bit discouraged about this stuff, but when we put things in the right perspective, those things aren't a big deal at all. It is a blessing to have each and every day of life, whether we are sick or healthy, we have life. And we know if we are sick, we will soon get better. These are blessings. Two tragic deaths happened lately, two people who are or were once close to myself and my family. My mom's uncle Larry was killed cycling. He was 77 years old, and had been an avid cyclist all his life. He was hit by a car. He was doing what he loved to do. The image is tough to look at for me. Cycling is something I do 4+ times a week, something that needs caution. Cycling is something I can relate to, such a sad loss. RIP Uncle Larry, who is in heaven. This picture was in the newspaper along with an article.
My best friend Kyle growing up lost his mother a few weeks ago, very unexpectedly. She was like a 2nd mother to me growing up, always shuttling us around to basketball practice, home from school, to the rec center. She was such a generous woman to all. Thank you Barbara for your generosity and hospitality to me growing up. My thoughts and prayers go out to both families. Things like this definitely hit you hard and make you realize, maybe today shouldn't just be about me. We are never guaranteed another day of life. Each day is a gift from God. Cherish it, live it out as fully as possible, and engage with and serve others in the process.

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