Sunday, June 10, 2012

Denver Triathlon in Photos: Guiding Aaron Scheidies

Today I was fortunate to have the opportunity to guide visually impaired world record holder triathlete Aaron Sheidies, who races in connection to the C Different Foundation, an organization which helps visually impaired athletes compete!  I guided Aaron last year and we have become close friends ever since. It's always a highlight of my year.  Today Aaron finished 2nd overall in the Olympic distance race with one of his fastest runs to date.
Here are a few photos thanks to professional photographer Jody Grigg (, and also some from Scott Borger. Enjoy.

Swim start. Photo by Scott Borger

Swim exit. Photo by Jody Grigg

On the bike. Photo by Jody Grigg

Finish. Photo by Jody Grigg

Finishline. Photo by Jody Grigg

Run leg with Sports Authority Field in background. Photo by Jody Grigg

Run leg with professional photographyer Jody Grigg in action. Photo by Scott Borger

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