Monday, December 14, 2009

Super Foods. Go Get Some!

It's nearing the holidays so we're all supposed to talk about food, how much we've eaten, how many desserts we've made, but don't you dare talk about how fat we're getting. That's a no no at this time of year. I do like deserts though, but have realized I need to focus on chomping down the good for you stuff, not just the taste good stuff. Only the good things about food. Ok. I last wrote about how my cramping issue will make or break my pro triathlon quest. I've tried salt tablets, electrolyte salt, powders, pills, vitamins, coral calcium-magnesium (I know, it got a lot of hype with a multi-level marketing scheme a few years ago, google the Okinawa people and coral calcium in their diet. Still, I had to try it, I was/am in need of a solution). While reminiscing about my youth, although I didn't watch that many cartoons, Popeye came to mind. .
All I know is that I have not cramped in 2 weeks, had no massages, and have been downing 2 bowls of spinach a day, one right before my swim. Spinach is a high alkaline food, and from my understanding, could help balance out lactic acid levels. It's still trial and error, but I'm going to stick with this for a while, along with my Garden of Life Perfect food green powder, although I have to gag it down at times. Everyone's blood type is different, and some need more alkalines to neutralize acid levels (if I'm wrong, please tell me, I'm still a newer self-experimenting and self-named nutritionist). I know the cramps are from lactic acid buildup, which is why massage helps me, as it clears out lactic acid. Costco is the only way to buy spinach if you're planning on eating it rabbit-style like I now have to. $3.50 gets you a HUGE tub of it, which would cost $20 for that much elsewhere.
I'm pumped for my new discovery. If the cure is this simple, I'll be jumping for joy. It may be not this easy, especially as training volume/intensity increases the next few months, but a good discovery. I have realized that doctors and many experts all have their own opinion, and I've always taken it with a grain of salt. Some know a ton, but I think we know our own bodies better than anyone else often. I've explained my alkaline-acid theory to a few doctors, and they insist I'm still low on salt or magnesium. I don't buy it, as I've had blood tests done when I had my nice health insurance, and my levels were great.

Mix1 also has been helping me a ton. It's a great co. out of Boulder who supports our team. Check out their protein/antioxidant drink, filled with tons of good stuff and perfect for a light snack before a swim or a good recovery drink after. Check it out next time you're at Costco, Whole Foods, King Soopers, etc. Zoey the dog agrees to as you can see in the picture... ok quick story. My 2 year old niece Anna was getting sick, so we put her on the high fiber/antioxidant (tan color bottle) drink for a few days, pumped her full of good stuff, and she was better in a day. Check it out at !

Justin's Nut Butter has also been helping keep me energized. Another local company who is very supportive of our team, they make bomb organic peanut butter and almond butter. No goopy oils, all natural, lots of flavor. Just plan good stuff. The squeeze packs are good for long rides too, like a gel, just squeeze it out. mmmmmm. You can pick some up at places such as REI, Whole Foods, King Soopers, Toys R Us or online. They now have chocolate flavors mmm.

In other news, training is ramping up again. I took an easy November, worked a lot on a house remodel with my bro, got in 1-2 workouts a day, but nothing at too high of intensity yet. I did my 1st swim meet this weekend, first one since age 12...and still racing head to head against 15 year olds. I swam the 1650 yd/mile, in a sweet 25 yd pool in Ft. Collins with touch timing and all. Felt like Phelps out there..timing pads, not speed-wise. I swam 19:41, had some goggle issues and was messing with them a lot to get water out, and went a bit too conservative having too much left at the end. For my first race, I now know my fitness and that I can push harder the first half of that. 66 lengths in the pool is a bit long, so I didn't want to blow up half way through it. I am fitter in the water than on land right now as far as endurance goes, which is probably a first. I need to get in the 18:00s in the next few months to be where I want to be. That should be doable I believe. We do these youth meets just for training and a good workout. And to intimidate little kids before the race who are 12 next to us on the blocks, since we know we can't do it after the race since they may beat us. These kids are the fast kids who swim for club teams before the high school season starts. The serious ones!

Train hard. Treat every day as a gift from God. Chase your goals and don't look back.

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