Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last 2 Races of '09: LA & Dallas

My last 2 races didn't go spectacular. I finished 5th in the amateur elite div. at LA, top 3 was needed for the pro license. I struggled that day all around, which makes me kick myself I couldn't take advantage of a good opportunity. After cramping on the run I was passed and finished 5th. The swim was by far the craziest swim of my life. The waves were HUGE, I thought they might cancel the swim. There was a crazy current too, bringing people near the rock jetty. My friend Ant is an LA lifeguard and was working the race out there in the waves. He said they were pulling people out one after another. It was very hard to see the buoys. After the swim, I was rather tired from what felt like a wrestling match, and was out about 7th or 8th in my division. The bike for me wasn't much better; my legs never got going and it was super windy with my disc wheel which I shouldn't have used. The run was 2 loops basically up this huge hill and back down, twice. I tried to regain my focus I had lost for most of the race, settled in, until cramping with about 1.5 mi to go. I ran a 35 min 10k again. It's important to focus on the good things of the day though. I won a sweet TYR backpack, which was much needed. I also met a guy named Jeff Petersen. He finished 4th and passed me on the run and finished about 20 sec ahead of me, 12 sec from 3rd. Cool guy. He won the Pac Grove race a few weeks earlier where top 3 earned the pro card also. We both weren't going to pay the $25 fee to shuttle back to our cars from Staples Center to Venice beach, so we biked the course back with all out gear on our backs. So my broken Westmont track back will be replaced by a sweet TYR bag with straps! No more aching backs while riding back to the car after races I to ridiculous fees!
I slept a few hours, packed my truck, and drove to Colorado the next day. Two days after arriving I flew to Dallas, where I got to stay with a bunch of friends from Multisport Ministries at the Four Seasons. It was incredible, and was probably the first and last time I'll get to stay in a hotel like that. That race was rough. I started cramping in the water, got through the freezing rainy bike, and settled in on the run for another 35 min 10k again, still sub-par. My buddy Derek Yorek, who raced the pros- which included Matt Reed and Greg Bennett, was unable to finish the bike as he froze up. It was a great trip though besides the race. I thought I could still race ok off no sleep and after the hectic week with the move, and wanted to give it a shot at least, since I didn't have many costs to race there with a free airline ticket (& arguing out of the 2 bike baggage fees..somehow, after making a scene about it) and the hotel hook-up.

I racI biked the whole time with my sunglasses like this below my eyes, since I couldn't see a thing with the rain.. I still don't know why I didn't throw them off somewhere. Guess I didn't want to go back and find them.

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